About Chamilda

My name is Chamilda. All my life I have been creating art.

For as long as I can remember, I have made drawings and paintings. This grew to a passion for tattoos. My goals is to create a unique design for everyone, in order to create a tattoo that matches you.

After having worked in different places, I decided to open my own shop. This is the place where not just me, but everyone can find peace and positivity.

My door is open to everyone- for a chitchat, for making an appointment or getting a tattoo. Everybody is welcome.

About the shop

It’s important to me that everyone feels at home. Your tattoo is for life and getting it should be a positive experience. I create a nice, homely ambiance and you can always get a cup of coffee or tea.

It doesn’t matter if your tattoo is small or big. Each tattoo gets the same attention and my full concentration.